Vandana Shiva

Sustaining the Ecological and Social Foundations of our Food Systems

Sustainability of Food and Agriculture systems rests on the Ecological Foundation of natural capital-our Soil and Biodiversity, our Water and a Stable Climate .
It also rests on the Social Foundations of thriving small and family farmers who know how to take care of the landscape and agriculture ecosystems, and of the quality of food we eat.

Small farms produce 70% of the food we eat Both these Foundations are severely threatened by industrial agriculture which is responsible for destroying 75% of the ecological capital of Soil, Biodiversity and Water,contributing to 40 % of the Greenhouse gases leading to Climate Change.

Families and Societies are disintegrating under the pressure of debt due to high cost inputs, and displacement due to soil degradation,desertification, the water crisis and climate havoc. In ecological agriculture lie the answers to sustainability.

Dr Vandana Shiva will share the research and practical results from Navdanya over the past 3 decades on contributions to sustainability of our food Systems.