Vincent Galarneau

Vincent Galarneau - Abstract

Feeding Cities : Strategies for Sustainable Urban Food Systems

The current food system has to deal with many important issues : food insecurity, high energy consumption and greenhouse gas emissions, land and water pollution, food waste, etc. On the other hand, the way cities are developed encourages the loss of valuable agricultural land and creates monofunctional neighborhoods that can't be qualified as sustainable or resilient.

As an urban planning NGO based in Québec, Canada, Vivre en Ville promotes sustainable communities that are designed for their residents and characterized by a compact urban form, a mix of functions, a variety of public spaces and transportation options and the appropriate location of their activities. By combining sustainable urban planning practices with a food system approach, cities can significantly improve access to healthy food for all their residents. In other words, they can become Feeding Cities (Villes nourricières).

This conference will show how a better integration of food in the local government agenda can help communities build stronger proximity-based food systems. Five major ingredients of these systems will be discussed : productives spaces, responsible businesses, better access to healthy food, increased local food demand and optimized lifecycle. Many inspiring case studies from North American cities will be presented along the way.