Dr John Ingram

Food Systems Programme Leader

Environmental Change Institute

University of Oxford, UK

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Dr John Ingram is Food Systems Programme Leader in the University of Oxford’s Environmental Change Institute (ECI). His work has concentrated on the interactions between global change and food systems, initially as part of International Geosphere-Biosphere Programme and then within the international research programme ‘Global Environmental Change and Food Systems’ (GECAFS). On the close of GECAFS in 2011, he was appointed ‘Food Security Leader’ for the UK’s Natural Environment Research Council, then joined ECI in 2013 to establish the Food Systems Programme. He has published widely on environmental and food security issues.

Some key Publications:

Ingram JSI et al. 2013. Priority research questions for the UK food system. Food Security 5, 617-636.

Vermeulen SJ, BM Campbell and JSI Ingram. 2012. Climate change and food systems. Annual Review of Environment and Resources 37, 195-222.

Ingram JSI. 2011. A Food Systems Approach to Researching Food Security and its Interactions with Global Environmental Change. Food Security 3, 417-431.

Ingram JSI, PK Aggawal, PJ Ericksen, PJ Gregory, L Horn-Phathanothai, A Misselhorn and K Wiebe, 2012. Food security for a planet under pressure. Rio+20 Policy Brief 2, 8 p

Ingram JSI, PJ Ericksen and DM Liverman (Eds). 2010. Food Security and Global Environmental Change. Earthscan, London. 361pp.